I'm your Goddess who knows how to bring balance to nature. Hi, you can call me Goddesss Ambika!

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Where do you travel? Tell me more.

Glad you asked, I ready to travel to most places, so let me know what you would like for your luxury package when you book with me. Please take a look here before you contact me, as these may answer many of your questions.

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Your Luxury Awaits,

Goddess Ambika


1 Hr Local EventFor busy executives 1 hour400
1 1/2 HR Local EventFor busy executives 1 1/2 hour600
2 Hr Local EventFor busy executives 2 hour800
3 Hr Local EventFor busy executives 3 hour1200
4 Hr Local EventFor busy executives 4 hour1600
1 Hr Tour EventFor busy executives 1 hour: Remote Events450
2 Hr Tour EventFor busy executives 2 hour: Remote Events850
3 Hr Tour EventFor busy executives 3 hour: Remote Events1250
4 Hr Tour EventFor busy executives 4 hour: Remote Events1650
Couples Events1st Hr 600/Each additional hour 400600/400


1. To fully enjoy the events it is best to fresh, like the start of your day.

2. All honorarium are at start of event.

3. Although event topics cover many subjects, please do your research prior to booking, as items will never be addressed prior to our meeting. Neither by phone or by e-mail.

4. If you would like to extend event times and if my schedule allows and I agree, like most things in nature there is always an increase for demand. Please be prepared for this scenario as it happens quite often. Please be respectful of my time.

5. Be in great healthy and positive, like myself,  event safety is always at the top of the list.

6. I reserve the right to cancel events on the spot for any rude behavior or other unforeseen items.

7. Please try to use e-mail as much as you can unless we must urgently connect by phone. Feel free to give my contact information to anyone interested in my events. I very much appreciate all referrals and cherish them.

9. Please remember I absolutely love to hear from you after the event date, a little nice note via e-mail will always be appreciated and remembered for weeks and months to come...


I believe in the practice of mindfulness.

Did you know that many of my clients contact me because they know instinctively that I can help them with connection, healing and rejuvenation?

Count on being opened up to an electric surge of sacred sensual and spiritual energy leaving you feeling happy, rejuvenated and restored. As an intuitive healer, guide and friend I provide wisdom, exude tremendous energy and am intelligent enough to hold a deep and meaningful conversation.

In addition, I also provide counseling, healing and coaching that has been proven to improve or heighten your experiences whether you are in or looking for in nature. This in turn will improve your confidence, eliminate deep seated issues and most likely deepen such thoughts which may improve future experiences.

Obviously I love my work and take care of myself by living a healthy clean lifestyle. Likewise you will find that I am easy to talk to and totally confidential. Generally speaking on-line booking requests will be answered within 1-2 hours and as a rule I provide fast email, text & phone response/scheduling which in turn has boosted my client retention rate to over 70%!


Imagine Being Able To:

  • Leave restored and revitalized
  • Unplug and experience the excitement of my Goddess energy
  • Release pent-up tension so you can focus on what is important in your life
  • Talk to someone who has tremendous experience and wisdom in this field

...And that's just for starters!

Book now because there is only one Goddess Ambika and as a rule my time is limited!

  • Height: 5ft 6in
  • Weight: 115lbs
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: USA-Texas
  • Languages: English, Spanish


 goddess ambika, Tantra, Escort, Texas

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