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This is your exclusive Early-Bird All ACCESS badge and will be valid until December 1st, 2018(maybe longer) to reduce your purchase to a single limited one time fee; this is in addition to a fundraising effort to bring you lots of great items!


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Early Bird Patrons


(Price Subject to change) 

Now is your chance to help make “Our Shop” more exciting. Become an Earl Bird Patron(patreons) and help fund the shopping content. Currently only a few of the VIP All Access Badges will be available. As an owner of one of these you will have access to “Our Shop” until January 1st(maybe even longer). This download item will have your special code to use when you checkout and will make your complete order balance become 0.00.

  • You get access to all the items in “Our Shop”!
  • You get request custom downloadable items – Explained here soon!
  • You get exclusive tweeter shoutouts. I’ll follow your on Twitter – Explained here soon!
  • You get invited to private previews of new Special Edition items before the guest community.

Thank you for making it this far. Now add this item and you will be the luck hold of a VIP All Access Badge(virtual item).

As a VIP All Access Badge holder you will get your order free with the coupon you will be assigned. Use this coupon on every order you create and the cart balance will drop to 0.00! Don’t forget to join as a member to get more exclusive items and notices. You must be a member to get full access to members only areas and exclusive Early Bird Patron Blogs Posts! Your code will be linked to a valid email. So it is best to order this item as a member and not as a guest.

Important Limit Of Your Badge

This does not included custom videos or photos which will normally be priced at a higher rate than the current items available to the public.

Currently all refund policies apply(review FAQs).


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