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Giving Fans More Goddess Ambika!

I am creating an area for GUEST and MEMBERS to support the things you like. I decided to open a shop here but need your help, become a Clip Sponsor and help bring more photos, videos and exclusive items from your Fitness Goddess Collection. Your funds go to making this the best member shopping experience.

  • What is inside? For a small donation HD Photos and/or Videos.
  • What does it cost? This has not been fully decided. I do want to make it for all.
  • What is a coupon? At time you will have exclusive offers for MEMBERS only and Guests, it is just a way to say thank you.
  • What does the coupon do? Discounts, Completely FREE orders, FREE order for select Items.

The MEMBERS are will have more exclusive offers and access to posts not available on other social media outlets. As many are changing and require login to access the good stuff, here too you need access to grab some of the GREAT stuff, but I am making some available to GUEST too!

Feel free to tell me what you would like to have in the shop as it’s your shop.  With your support, I hope to continue to make this shop free from ” those *&#? sp_amers” and unwanted pop-ups.



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