Where do you travel?

I will go to most places around the world, so just let me know so we can work out all the details.

You keep getting login request from clicking twitter icon.

If you don't use twitter that is ok, just disable the app on your phone and then it will just show up in browser like any other page. You don't need a login to view the default posts page.

What is your typical clientele?
One thing for certain is there is a common motif with all my “seekers”, they are professional, private people that appreciate my discreet professional service. I attract many doctors, lawyers, business owners, pilots, professors and corporate executives. The common denominator is professionalism, respect and confidentiality. In other words, we engage in a conscious, high-end energy exchange with total presence in an upscale, private environment.
What can I expect?
There is a natural progression to my session. Years and years of practice, schooling and experience in Temple, have shown me how and what to incorporate in my sessions. There are many modalities that I engage in during my sessions, yet I do not know which is the right one beforehand. My focus is on your well-being, your joy and happiness. My contribution will astound you, I am the best for a reason! Please do not assume anything regarding particular activities or services. I work with my team of guides and angelic healers therefore each session is channeled for you.
Are those your real pictures?
Yes they are my real pictures, I retake new pictures every year and I look better in person according to many of my seekers.
I want to schedule a half an hour, is that possible?
The reason I do not engage in anything shorter than an hour is because I require to connect with you on a higher energy level then where you currently are. It takes time and my experience confirms it over and over again that an hour is the minimum.
Do you entertain ‘out-calls’?
Occasionally. I prefer to receive you in my own setting with a cleared energy environment and all my essential supplies at hand. I will only do so with select repeat clients. I charge extra for outcalls because I share my contribution with my driver who drives me to your desired location.
What is a “seeker”?
A seeker is the term I employ to refer to my clients. Every seeker that books a session with me is sent loving energy before the session.
Are you a dominatrix and are you into bondage?
No I am not. I will not engage in these practices because they are counter to what I am teaching. My goal is to have you experience a lift in your energy field and feeling much better and joyful after my sessions!
Where are your reviews?
Client testimonials are available. I also have reviews on several of the community sites. Because of changes to those places many have been lost over time.
How far in advance should I schedule, and are you available for last minute appointments?
Its best to call the day before to make an appointment then asking me about a month in the future. I really do not know what I will be doing then and it is best to live a day at a time. Please be mindful of desiring last minute appointments, I require an hour minimum to ground my energies and to be ready for you.
What is your cancellation policy?
*CANCELLATION POLICY-DEPOSITS* I understand that things come up and at times cancellations need to be made. However, I do enforce a cancellation policy. It is simple, if you cancel on me within 2 hours before our booking, you will be required to pay 1/2 of the total donation. This fee will need to be paid before I will arrange a booking with you again. As a gesture, if you cancel 24 hours before please send a Amazon gift card.
Important Things To Know

Can you help me heighten my pleasure levels so I can be a better lover in my relationship?
I have extensive experience either working with couples together or teaching each individual what the other person likes and welcomes in a relationship.

When do I arrive?
It is best to arrive on time and to be mindful of the Goddess' schedule. Early arrivals tend to create some pressure for me, so if you do arrive early please text me to see if I am ready before you show up. If you are running late please text or call to let me know so I don't schedule someone else. Just treat me like you would treat your mother or anyone else that matters to you.

Can I bring bring my cell phone?
I prefer you leave your cell phone in your car. Its best to let the energy you received during my session set in for as long as possible without distractions.

Can I bring alcohol?
As a rule I do not drink when I conduct sessions. Please do not consume any alcoholic beverages prior to your appointment because this will interfere with our intentions and experience.

Do you donate?
Yes I do, I typically donate 10% of what I earn  to a good cause, an entity that spiritually uplifts our society or a person that creates heaven on earth.

Do you respond to email?
I check my email once or twice daily, unless I am out of town or traveling. I do not respond to explicit emails or one-line emails asking inappropriate questions and I do not discuss my services via email or over the phone. I also employ an assistant that answers text messages and emails when I am not able. Please be mindful of that.

Do you answer blocked calls?
No I do not.

What is intuitive touch?
A lot of times I can read peoples’ life stories from their energies. I am trained in psychic development and you may receive messages about your life and ways to enhance it and your relationships.

When will you be in my city?
I do travel to specific locations,, both national and international. If you would like to be notified when I will be in your city, email me and I will add you to that particular cities' email notification list.

When you engage with me for the first time...
I welcome all gentlemen and women who are new to this. I have been highly recommended by many as a good choice for a “first timer” because I am very patient. If you are unfamiliar with proper protocol, the following information should be very helpful. I am very selective and the majority of my workshops are with returning clients.

I expect to be treated like a Goddess at all times. So please be courteous and conduct yourself as a mature gentleman.

E-mail/ Phone Communication: Please do not ask any crude or disrespectful questions. I do not like to discuss rates or details of my services on the telephone. Nor will I respond to explicit emails or one-line emails asking inappropriate questions.

Please do not ask me questions that are already answered by simply reading this website I have put a lot of time into this website to provide you with enough information to make your decision prior to contacting me personally.

If this is your first time, come with an idea of what you desire to improve in your life? Is it learning how to be with a Goddess?

A one hour events for a first-timer is a bit short. A 1.5 hour events will be cover greater areas.

Please call between the hours of eight am and nine pm time only. If you call me outside of this time frame, I will not answer the phone and it is best to leave a message.

If you choose to email, please include your name, contact phone number, desired length and time of events in every email. I have an assistant that answers my emails when I am not available.

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